Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving was well.... we had 3 different meals... One with my oldest, one with my second oldest and one with my husbands family on 3 different days..... The little children did fairly well for an overwhelming environment of people they didn't really know and crazy loudness in a small home.  Until we got home...from that point on ... we have seen behaviors that I can only express as exhausting. I am lost as to how to help or change any of it at this point and almost too tired to continue to try.
Tomorrow is school... makes me nervous... will they act out in school? BE OK? the what if's.... I know the sound of the phone ringing will bring me anxiety....

This time of year is especially hard on our littles.... its when they were taken from their last foster home and brought to us, without any Christmas Gifts that they just had been given. So much of their world turned upside down.... and they saw and experienced things no child should have to.   So they are not sleeping well... they are anxious... nervous.... antsy.....  full of anger, frustration and they have no clue as to why they are....

Yet my husband and I have been feeling depressed.... I am not sure if its the seasonal blues... or the knowledge of my sister in law has stage 4 cancer and with one round of Cheimo she lost all her hair.... strong stuff! So all the men this holiday season shaved their heads.... Doing that brought out a lot of emotions for me... Thinking of my sister in law... the hardship of loosing her hair.... and the what if's.... how long does she have thoughts... so on... and how sweet it was of a sacrifice for my husband and son to go bald for her!~   Emotional... yes!

So much is going on these next two months.... SO MUCH! I feel stressed and overwhelmed.... and so much that I just want to sit and NOT DO ANYTHING! not good... that won't help me get things done!

Trying to find a small amount of motivation. I told my husband we need to go swimming every night as a family to help with our stress and health. He agreed.  Lets see if it really happens.

 FOR SOME REASON BLOGGER WON'T ALLOW ME TO UPLOAD PICTURES !! UGH! oh well...its still a great place to let it all out !:)
This is my husband and son...they shaved their hair for his sister who has stage 4 cancer
 This is one of our Thanksgiving Dinners. It won't allow me to upload the other one with my other daughter ERRRR
This is my grandbaby :) She is precious and just came for a visit
This is my daughter about to get married and the dress my mom made for wedding reception :)
This is my Zoey .... :) MY GRANDBABY who learned to crawl up the stairs while here.

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Nickel said...

That dress is SO Kalene! Your Mom did an amazing job!