Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A visit to my Mom's

 I was blessed.... greatly.... a friend from far away.... felt inspired to send us some money. It was enough for me to go see my Mom for her birthday. HER 70th Birthday. She had no idea... and I totally surprised her. BEST MOMENT EVER!
She has been deeply depressed since all the women in her life had moved away.... and so her husband said that he had to go to the bathroom and so they stopped at the shuttle place where I drove in at.... I sat across from their car... waiting for her to look... but she didn't. So I got up and tapped on her window... She freaked out... was startled and then realized it was me... Almost couldn't open the door... she started to cry and just hold me and then looked at me and cried some more. Poor thing... she followed me into the back seat.... and just cried and asked how... all the way to her home.   It was so good for me to be there as much as she needed me... I needed her!
 We talked.... and talked... about all that was going on in my life with my children and things in her life..... I needed her.... her wisdom, concern and love.... She helped me see I am a good mother. That I have done all I can and where I might of made some mistakes.... that it was not on my shoulders ... for things had been kept and promises ... and so on.. NONE OF THIS WOULD OF HAPPENED!

We talked about how letting go is so hard... and how I always wanted my children close but reality is... it really may not happen and we are to let go..... let them live their life.   So while there I have tried to step back... and wait patiently for my daughter to come around. For her to call me... or text me. To not pry.... its the hardest thing I have ever done.... Patience is NOT MY VIRTUE! Boy am I learning a lot at the young age of 41... more than I realized I was in for.

I had my mom back to her old self... and gaining weight again before I left... Now on the phone I hear MY MOM :) The happy go lucky woman I have always known and loved. I have to make sure I see her more.... she can't travel anymore...but I can go to her!!!

I have the Best Mom in the world! I want to grow up to be JUST LIKE HER!

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