Monday, May 20, 2013

Lighting a Candle from within

 I had an interesting dream last night.... very interesting. I dreampt about  a candle. I was somewhere... not really sure where... and someone was telling me that my brother *who has been inactive for a while and I have worried about* has lit his own candle. I think that means he is activated again :)  and I have been worried about a certain youth in my Sunday class.... and I have felt prompted to do something very creative to reach this youth.... and I have prayed for this youth and about this youth... and in this dream I dreampt lastnight... it talked about each of us have our own candle but in order to light it at the top it has to be lit inside.  I then saw a finger that pointed and it was like I could see inside the candle and it touched the inside of the candle that was dark and it lit... and the person talking to me.. I HAVE NO CLUE WHO IT WAS.... said that the candle is dark inside and has to be lit from within. Then I woke up.

I told Todd my husband about this dream.... he said I was dreaming in parables... My son in law started to share with me stories out of the Bible that I have not yet read * I have never read the Bible all the way thru... I struggle with understanding it all*   and he thought my dream was neat too.

I think it means I have to touch this youth.... and teach them on a level they understand how to light their own candle.  I am going to try to come up with some neat candle example for them.   From the simple acts of just starting to pray, read scriptures and then building their testimony.   I hope I can do this. I know I am meant to help this special someone. I know in my youth...a leader helped me.... I WANT TO BE THAT FOR THIS YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONTINUED.... I went shopping this morning and still thinking heavy on all of this the thought came to me that I should make a QUEST for all the kids to do ... and I come home ask my Son in Law if he can help but he is just clueless as well.... as I sat and thought some more ideas started to come to me and then this one...... HAVE THE PERSON I AM CONCERNED ABOUT INVOLVED making this game with me.... drawing logo's you name it.... :)  I think I have found his center bottom of the candle :) I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!

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