Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doing this!

  I have a daughter who thinks she is fat... and who is having some health issues.  So in order to help her... (HELP ALL OF US IN OUR FAMILY REALLY) we are going to change our whole life style of eating :)  and living ....

I have worked hard to re-organize my cook book.  I am going to try to go to CLEAN and GLUTEN FREE/WHOLE GRAINS eating.... less gluten and when I do... using whole grains.
I am going to see and try to recognize if it costs us less to eat this way.... you know HEALTHY... in the past I have said I couldn't eat as healthy because it costs too much...but I thought about it... and really does it cost more?  More than all that over processed and chemical stuff I buy for snacks?  We will see :)
I am also going to get our family moving. *I HOPE*  more active as a family.  Less tv... less computer and gadget games *unless educational* 

I have started at night with turning off the lights in the house at dinner time and using candles. It is making a huge difference in the atmosphere. I AM NOW LOOKING FORWARD TO DINNER TIME! :) It really helps set the mood for bed time... calms everyone down... everyone talks quieter naturally...its been so amazing. REMEMBER WE HAVE 9 people right now in my house!!! 3 very small kids and loud kids, and 4 teens! yeah.. noise! and I have mainly tile floors.. *which I can't stand it makes everything 10 times louder than it is*

 I am trying to find that BALANCE...that PEACE in my life....

I want us to become a goal orientated family.. so I am going to start JOURNALING with the children and making GOALS every week with them. I feel it is really important to teach them direction in life and I know I need it myself.

I want to bring games *BOARD GAMES* back..... more communication between one another and making real lasting relationships. I feel this can help and be fun as well as entertaining.

I am going to do this.... one thing at time :) One step at a time.... with constant schedule changing and life happening I am sure I will have my challenges but.... it is gonna work :)

I want to have a home where peace and refuge is always found.... AND MOSTLY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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