Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

So my son Jaden is a cub scout and J (our foster son, hopefully adopted son this summer) wants to be a cub scout too :) SO GREAT!
WE went to the pine wood derby lastnight.... Jaden made a cool car.. it was a wolf :)
Every year Jaden has won first place in the pine wood derby so this year we thought we would make it a cool car and give someone else a chance to win. :) He still got 3rd place :) In some of them first but the final one was 3rd.
Our Foster Children had so much fun. I can't post those pictures yet. DARN IT! But when we adopt them I will catch you up on it all :)
They had a little track set up for the little kids ;) IT WAS GREAT! Here are some pictures that i can share.

Oh I also have been taking pictures to put up on our wall of our three little ones :) I want them to know how much we love them. How apart of our lives they are :)

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