Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We Got a Van....

So we got a van so that NOW we can ALL fit in our FAMILY VEHICLE ! :) WAHOO! I am so happy. We got it for an amazing price at an auction, which was so much fun to go to! It was the best one there, the tires are brand new. Absolutely NOTHING is wrong with it and it had little milage. It was used as a commuter van. They take care of their vehicles. So we are really pleased!

The kids love it! Each day they try out a new seat! SO FUNNY! :)

Also, Todd got his colonoscopy and the doc said he has a beautiful colon :) PERFECTLY HEALTHY! Which is such a big relief with his mother dieing from Colon cancer recently! :)

My Mom *GRANDMAX* comes next week. Kalene is in the highschool musical and my Mom is flying out to support her and see the new grandbabies :) Who are doing great!

Things are really going well here at home. They have settled in so well. J is learning consequences and his bad behaviors are changing for the good :) B and & E are doing well too :) I want to start potty training after the musical. E is looking interested :)



Chiemi said...

That is a sweet van! I'm sure the musical will be great. You have such talented kids!

Penelope said...

Great looking van. Hope you don't have to parallel park it. :) Good luck with the potty training.