Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas :)

Virginia turned 19 while away at college so this is a picture of her ice cream cake :)

We made home made root bear ....

We Christmas Caroled, watched movies as a family and ate yummy food :)

We were DOOR BELL DITCHED CHRISTMAS EVE!!! :) It made my whole night what this letter said put tears in my eyes :) We have no clue who it was!

This was the gifts left with the note....

Our Tree ready :)

Stockings full after Santa came ;)

Look at the foot prints... all over ... we could see where Santa went....

The kids waiting anxiously for us to say OK come see what Santa gave ya :)

The stuff Santa left for everyone...

The kids seeing Santa's stash he left :)

Taylor asked Santa to make a house out of the cookies we had... Santa really tried but the pellet stove must of melted it :) But Taylor was tickled he tried. Taylor keeps us on our feet!

Opening Gifts and Grandpa spent the night :)

some stocking stuffers too...

It was a wonderful Christmas.... our hearts still are missing Grandma Sherry and are not used to her not being around... the first Holidays are always the hardest... but the children are happy and we spent qaulity time together :) We are so blessed!!!!!

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