Sunday, December 5, 2010

A catch me up...

Here is a catch me up on us :) My mom (Karine's mom) The kids call her Grandmax, she made my girls winter skirts :) They are so beautiful! Kalene's is Black, Cally's is Blue and Taylor's is brown. She is always sending packages for the kids. This time she didn't make anything for Jaden, but bought him a bag of t-shirts (which he loves to wear because Grandpa wears them, so cute!) and some gold with information for him to share with his class. :) He was so excited.

Then there was a snow day! :) The kids had no school because we got a lot of snow... More than we have had in years. 11 inches... and the kids were out side playing in the snow all day! They made a cute MONSTER IGLOO and the bunnies had a blast in the snow too.

This is Cally being silly, that is a Santa Hat that I have to cover my kitchen chairs at Christmas. She wanted to see how cute it looked on her! She is so fun!

You can't tell too well because I took this picture in the dark but there is a hole under that mouth.

I also have caught up my blog that helps me stay positive and focus on the positives in my it is, check it out ;)

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Chiemi said...

Aww your kids are so cute! Sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. Life has been so busy. I can't keep up with anything, but just know I'm reading and love your family!