Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are WE the FAMILY your searching for?

Are you looking for... A couple who have been married for a long time and have a strong marriage... We met in church when I was 16, became best friends first, then dated... fell in love and married when I was 18 Todd was 22. We were sealed for all time and eternity in the Washington D.C. Temple a year after we were married. (Both parents were not able to attend a temple marriage so we did civil first, our family being apart of our wedding was important) Todd and I (Karine) have been married now for 19 years. Our love is only stronger and our relationship is only better today than when we first fell in love! Are you hoping to find a big family so that the child will have lots of love and siblings... Want a family that loves animals... We own 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and 2 bunnies. How about a family that loves Music... Do you hope to find a family that likes Camping... What about a family that takes family vacations... Our Trip to Nauvoo, Carthridge Jail, the temple and the gardens. Shoshone Falls and Twin Falls Temple open house Salt Lake City, the temple and Beehive house... Hoover Dam The Grand Canyon Montezuma's Castle This is a fun, talented and creative family...We are a family that takes time to spend qaulity time together!

Here are some traditions we do as a family and are open to do any new traditions you would like us to include:


For slumber parties and for family movie night we make Pop-Corn suprise...which is popcorn that has something sweet hidden in the bottom of each persons bowl... like candy
For birthdays, we usually ask the person whose birthday it is what they want for breakfast, and then they are served whatever they desire in bed. If they are in school on their birthday, they will receive something special like balloons or flowers.
Sweet 16 the kids have a really big party with boys and girls
When our child turns 16 they get a ring.

Our family loves Water fights (inside and outside the house) and Whip Cream fights (usually on holidays)
On New Years we love to bang pots and pans at midnight as a family. We usually spend the night together playing games and watching movies.

Easter egg hunts: Most of the time at Grandma’s house with cousins.
Toasts at Easter and Thanksgiving… (Usually with juice or soda): usually started with "to Motorcycles" in honor of Karine's Dad who is no longer with us. Everyone takes a turn and toasts to whatever they want.


The 4th of July we usually go over to Todd's parents for a big breakfast and watch the towns’ parade together. Sometimes we are in it. Then at night we will go to the towns’ stadium and watch the fireworks show. After wards we usually come home or go to family’s house and light our own. The kids love the 4th of July.

One of our favorite Halloween traditions is to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out our own pumpkin. That usually includes a hay ride and some fun mazes and activities.
Boo give away at Halloween (cookies and yummies but done in door bell ditch style)
Our family really enjoys Trunk or Treat on Halloween.(done at the church parking lot with our ward)

On Thanksgiving we rotate dinner between relatives’ homes each year. We all bring our favorite dishes and enjoy the day as a family eating and being together. Chocolate pie and Pumpkin pie is our families’ favorite holiday desert.

Our Family loves to make igloos and snowmen in the winter and have snowball fights too.
Christmas is one of our favorite holidays. We decorate everything inside and out! The more lights the better.
At Christmas we love to drive around as a family and look at other houses decorated.
Gifts to give to a need a family at Christmas time

We dress up and act out the birth of Jesus and manger scene every year at Christmas.
We go Christmas caroling as a family with hot chocolate
We love to decorate Christmas Cookies and show them off.
We usually make a cookie plate up for our neighbors at Christmas and sing one song.
Christmas eve, everyone opens one gift…

All of Todd’s family lives very close. We have family dinners and get togethers often.
Karine’s Mother and Step Father visit several times a year and send care packages to the children often.

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