Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the outcasts

  Ever felt not wanted? Like the out cast? That is my husband and I in his family. We are the out casts. We have no clue as to why anything we say is always taken wrong.... and how the family can say things in "JOKING" manner and its ok to say them....when in reality it hurts us.... and is truly RUDE!

I caught on to all the things my husbands family said and did while we came to give his sister a blessing. ONE SHE WANTED... and today my husband finally caught on to. It hurt him... deeply.... I am tired of being treated so poorly by FAMILY and then called upon when something needs to be done. Its like being a door mat... and I am done with it.

I am really considering NOT going for thanksgiving. I don't care anymore what any of them think.  I am done .... and we don't deserve to be talked down to, talked about or treated in such a manner! 
And we moved here....   to be close to them. SO FUNNY! NOT!

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