Saturday, May 1, 2010

Prom Weekend, Wedding trip and Mom/Son date night

Taylor & Cally getting ready to go on a trip with Grandpa and Daddy to see Uncle Jeff get married...


BYE DADDY, CALLY, TAYLOR & Grandpa... have fun!

This is Taber... Cera's husband ( Karine's Best Friends daughter & husband)

They came over and while Cera helped me with the girls for Prom...

Taber played with Jaden on the Wii :)

Cera and Taber :)

Cera grew up with Virginia and my kids, she is "family" Taber is now too! Jaden loves them!

Jaden and I getting ready to have a date night :) He wants to see "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON in 3D :) " So we will! Just us! NO GIRLS

Virginia is in gold/yellow... Kalene in Green/blue

Grandmax (Karine's Mom ) Made these dresses for the girls Prom :)

Beautiful Kalene, I did her hair (I = MOM/KARINE)

Virginia and I (MOM/KARINE) did her hair :)


Her date Kyle (just friends) look what they have... behind their backs

She loves how the dress flips out when she spins!

They are off to a fun night... going to pick up a few more kids to join!

Kalene and her girlfriends :) They went together :)

What a busy but fun weekend we are having!


Chiemi said...

The girls look SO pretty in their prom dresses. You did a great job with the hair and makeup. Virginia is such a gorgeous girl. Kalene looks beautiful. She has the most fabulous smile. I hope that have a wonderful time!

Synergy Girl said...

They look SO GOOD!!! You did such an amazing job on their hair!!! What were you so worried about, you are a pro!!! Hope they had an awesome time, they look so gorgeous and grown up!! AHHH...