Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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This is a website to connect to our adoption blog.
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Anonymous said...

Karine is my favorite niece. Out of my parent's 23 grandchildren, Karine and her husband Todd are one of the few active in the church. Karine and Todd have done a wonderful, super job of raising their children. My favorite story is the one where Virginia, their oldest girl, was asked by a boy at school if she would be his girlfriend. Her answer was that she would have to pray about it. To me that is a perfect example of how well Karine and Todd have made the Gospel of Jesus Christ the center of their home. Their children follow all the standards of the LDS church, something I wish all of my children did. Each of their children excel in school, play musical instruments, or have other talents they have been encouraged to develop by their parents. I love Karine's family and am saddened that we are so far apart. In fact, they are far away from all of Karine's side of the family. I think this shows how great a job Karine and Todd have done with little or no family influence. I truly think they are a model family. I say this with all sincerity.

Uncle Daniel