Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 months....

I have 5 months till my second daughter is married. CRAZY! It feels like they grew up so fast ... just yesterday they were little and in my arms. Now they are women.... who have fallen in love and now preparing to start their own lives. Ok one has already but its crazy how fast this happens.

My husband says we are living in full spectrum right now.... We have one left at home.... 2 in elementary school... one in middle school.... 2 in high school.... one in college and one graduated from college with a grandbaby! Our life will most likely never be like it is right now at this moment.... I want to savor it. :)

I am going to try to get healthy before the next wedding. I hope to be in a smaller size. I don't want to set limits or expectations because I self sabotage I just want to make excercising a habit for now and go from there.  I don't do well with change or pressure... so yeah

Took Jesse to urologist. They say they see two spots in his right side of his kidneys... of calcium. They are not right now... a stone but can and may become one. Just have to watch it. NO FUN! I just want him to be ok . We sure are trying to do all we can there.

Right now... we have 12 people living at home....its a lot of people, noise, food, and sometimes... I really enjoy what little quiet I get or look forward to that quiet time. I don't want to rush it though. I will never again have my grandbaby so close to me and available so I want to treasure that too.

We were going to move.... for many reasons... we might still but my two oldest asked us to not move till they graduate.  SO...... I don't know. I think we need to make a trip to the temple and pray  about it. I want to give them what they want but at the same time I FEEL the need to move and NEED for change.... on so many levels.

I just wanted to mark... 5 months till Kalene becomes a Gardner. CRAZY! :) and EXCITING! :) I couldn't of picked a better man for her :) I LOVE HIM!


Nickel said...

Do the Doctors know why Jesse's kidneys are doing things (family history, diet...)? Poor kid, I only had 2 gallbladder attacks and that was painful enough, and I was an adult. :(

So exciting for Kalene & Kyle. 5 months may seem like plenty of time to get things done...don't forget to ask for help if you need it :)

Karine said...

Jesse has a horseshoe kidney... both are connected... which causes problems by themselves...but we think his birth family has a kidney problem.... history of... and he is on a special diet here so he won't develop them....