Monday, July 22, 2013

Update on my Son in law

He is doing it :) He has taken 2 of five tests of his GED! I am so proud of him. He got high scores and this week he will finish. I have seen him change.... his confidence is better.. he feels good about himself and he was so excited to tell his parents who have told him ..."HE WAS NOT COLLEGE MATERIAL" that he is accomplishing this!!!    HE is now planning his future.. He wants to be a doctor! I am so excited for him. :) He is really smart and he just needed to know this for himself :) Its been amazing to watch him change and grow ... all because of a little test.... and that test was a built up mountain of unreachable in his mind! :) BUT HE DID IT!

I am just so proud of him :)

 This is him being silly while holding his little girl :) MY GRANDBABY :) his wife, my daughter behind him :) 

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