Wednesday, March 16, 2011

our first family trip

We went to Rexburg to see Virginia :) It was such a NEEDED trip! Jesse and Todd bonded so much :) and I got away from everything that was stressing me out! How I wish it lasted longer than just two days!
I can't show all the pictures I want until these kids are adopted but I will show you one that I love because its my family! All of us were walking around campus with Virginia and it was so neat to see how big our family was! I just kept thinking WOW this is my family! People looking at us made comments sometimes, especially when we came out of an elevator and they thought we were done coming out and yet there were 5 more LOL :)

We stayed with our cousin Julie. We didn't get into her place till late but she has a beautiful home and it was plenty big for us as well! :)
I loved the mountains! They were so beautiful and full of snow!

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