Friday, June 11, 2010

A Great Camporee Day (Scouting Event)

I love my husband. He is such a great Husband/Father/role model and leader. He is a leader in scouts! :) It was a CAMPOREE TIME!

Todd and the leaders of their group made a Trebuchet. Here is a NOT SO FLATTERING picture of me LOL and my man pulling the string to fling concrete :)

Today Virginia had to work! Which is hard to get use to doing family things without her! We missed you honey!

He is just so cute! I LOVE HIM DEARLY!

This is MISS IDAHO, Jessica Hellwinkel. Aylin is the little girl in the picture. She is very much apart of our family. Her Mommy died 2 years ago and I have watched her, loved her and helped raise her since she was a baby :)


Ok it stunk inside cause of the heat I think. LOL

This was so neat to see :)

Check out where the missiles go MOM! LOL :) What a cutie!

One Happy Camper!

She wanted apart of the action! LOL none of my other girls did... ? Go figure!

Have to check out the whole thing MOM :)

Nothing like a fun big parachute tent :)

Tight walk time :) STRING BRIDGE :)

Aylin's turn!

It is not easy really, so proud of her!

The two men in my life that I adore! :) (SO FAR!)

The camp site :) The guys stay for 3 days and two nights :)

Aylin picking flowers while waiting in lines to do stuff

Jaden threw it great :)
The picture below someone else threw that but thought it was great!

Jaden shooting a gun powder filled gun :)

Daddy and his girls! :)

A bridge the scouts made ! It was fun to cross on :)

Tay and Jaden climbing a fort like thing that the scouts made.

Jaden and Tay sitting together watching the helicopter take off! :)

Just thought Aylin looked beautiful here sitting :)

(My brother, Uncle JON, actually worked on these in the Gulf War)

It was a great day. We finished it off with girls swimming at the ymca because the boys were still camping :)

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Chiemi said...

Whew! Looks like you had a great day! You guys are always doing such fun things!