Monday, April 26, 2010

Our fun & crazy weekend...

Our weekend was busy, fun and a little crazy... ;) Taylor made paper airplanes, she cracks me up! I gave Cally a Hair cut... ;) Cally and I (Karine the Mom) Worked on Personal Progress together. ( I am doing it this year too with my girls :) Todd and Jaden started a science project together... Virginia and Todd were going over some scriptures together. Sadly we didn't see much of Virginia this weekend, she worked a lot on Sat and she was wiped Sunday after church, plus homework! She is a hard worker! :) This is Jaden's project...
This is Kalene practicing her flute, which she taught herself to play :) I am so proud of her! :) She is joining band this next coming year :)
What I don't have pictures of is the game mastermind that Taylor, Cally and I (Karine) played together :) We had the ward missionaries over because Kalene has some friends we are going to help teach. So they stopped by and we watched a nice video with them.
For some reason this blog won't upload the video I made of us playing monkey in the middle in the house! It was crazy but fun! :) Guess who was in the middle the most... yep me! LOL

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